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Events at St Michael's

Raising Funds and Bringing the Community Together


We're on YouTube! Check out the video about St Michael's from film maker The Bald Explorer: go to


Fundraising is temporarily suspended due to Coronavirus. Our income, both from fundraising and from service collections, has reduced dramatically. If you feel able to support us by making a donation, please contact churchwarden Mel Edge, 07973 163369. Your help would be much appreciated.


Special Services & Community Events

Most events are suspended for the time being, but some activities continue! Amberley children created Easter Gardens outside their houses for us all to enjoy on our daily walk:


Please visit the Wildbrooks Facebook page for more current events and photos.


Recent Events:

Angel Festival 2019

For Christmas 2019 St Michael's was filled with angels!

Created in a variety of media by talented local artists, community groups and the children of Amberley Primary School, our heavenly host of angels delighted visitors. The Festival opened on 15th December with music, mulled wine, activities and competitions for children. The Angels remained in place until 12th Night

'Stained Glass Window', by members of the Community


'The Annunciation' by the Creative Team



'Folk Angels', by the Creative Team


On 16th November the ACTnow tower fundraising team celebrated the completion of a major project to carry out repairs to St Michael's Church tower. Severe damp had caused structural problems. These have been corrected and additional work has been carried out to reduce dampness in the future.

After a short dedication by the priest-in-charge, the Revd Gerry Burgess, the culmination of three years of fundraising was celebrated on Saturday, November 16.  Parishioners and representatives from the National Lottery Heritage Fund were invited to hear about the project and inspect the completed work. The event also saw the launch of an impressive audio guide to the church, available on mobile phones via the newly installed church wifi.

Of the £230,000 cost of essential repair work 75% was covered by grants from various bodies including the National Lottery Heritage Fund (54% of the total), the Sussex Historic Churches Trust, the Ian M Foulerton Charitable Trust, the Garfield Weston Foundation and the Cecil King Memorial Foundation.  However, we are particularly proud that community events plus donations raised 25% of the total funding. This is a huge contribution from a small community and the ACTnow team are extremely grateful for all their support.