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Audio Guide

This Audio Guide for visitors to St Michael’s Church has two objectives: one is to tell you about the church, the other is to help you learn how to read a building. Buildings evolve through time, and even after a few decades a building’s initial appearance. may have changed greatly. But just by looking carefully, we can learn a great deal about how and why a building has changed. The building itself can tell, at least in part, its own story.

Preset Route: The Audio Guide will take you round the church in a preset route. At the end of each audio segment you will be told where to go before starting the next segment. Use the left and right buttons below each photo to move backward and forward between each segment as instructed in the Guide.

Select Segment: To move around the church in a different order or to access the audio for the part of the church you are particularly intereted in click Select Segment at the bottom of each page to access a clickable list of all audio segments.

Audio Player: Clicking a segment takes you to a page with an embedded audio player. The player has a play/pause button and gives the length of segment (minutes and seconds). You can move to a different part of the audio by pressing on the progress bar.

Headsets: We recommend using a headset with your device, to hear the the audio more clearly, and to avoid disturbing others.

Virtual Guide: The Virtual Guide complements this Audio Guide showing many illustrations and giving more detail. See Virtual Guide

Supporting St Michael’s, Amberley

St Michael’s, like all medieval churches, requires regular maintenance. If you would like to help ensure that many further generations may enjoy our beautiful church click here to donate.

Thank you.