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Amberley Sculpture Gardens 2017

The Sculpture Gardens event on 10 June was a great success.  The weather was perfect; the gardens were in beautiful condition; the sculptures were exhibited to great advantage; the musicians added greatly to the experience.  Over 400 people visited, and there were sales of artists’ works in each of the five gardens.  The event raised £5,600 for the ACTnow Appeal.

How proud we were about the comments about our village  We attracted many people who had never been to Amberley before who said what a beautiful village we lived in and what a wonderful community spirit we had. The exhibitors were also very complimentary about the event

The list of people involved who gave their time so generously is endless, but we would like to acknowledge the help we got.  We thank Peter Strudwick for allowing us to use his field for parking and Peter Cozens and his team for managing it.  Cyndy Kennett and her team did a sterling job with teas.  We thank the ticket sellers who were at times rushed off their feet.  We thank the bar stewards for keeping the fizz flowing.   We thank the garden owners for allowing us the use of their beautiful gardens and the stewards who managed the crowds of appreciative visitors.  Suzie Coates did a wonderful job with signs advising people where to go.

The ACTnow Team (now working on the next events…)

Over 60 works by 20 artists displayed in five of Amberley’s beautiful gardens.

Amberley is one of Sussex’s “show villages” and its gardens are stunning, creating magnificent settings for the sculptures

Artists exhibiting:

  • Maria Albiez
  • Jane Bohane
  • Tessa Clegg
  • Su-Peta Cloud
  • Jon Edgar
  • Graham Heeley
  • Zeljko Ivankovic
  • Philip Jackson
  • Belinda Kelland
  • Gill Lawson
  • Allan Mackenzie
  • Abby Martin
  • Teresa Martin
  • Christopher Marvell
  • Carol Orwin
  • Alexandra Osmond-Jones
  • Hazel Reeves
  • Michael Joseph
  • Eve Shepherd
  • Alex Smith