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ACTnow fundraising – update

Much effort, primarily by Jeff Feakins, during autumn 2016 went into preparing a submission to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a major grant towards the total amount needed for the works on the Church tower. We have applied for a total grant of £150,000. We expect to know the result of our application in early March.

To meet our target total of £200,000 by autumn 2018, we have to raise £50,000 from other sources. As of the end of 2016 we had raised £18,700, from events and donations. This is a highly satisfactory position and we are very grateful to all who have contributed, via donations, support for events, and in planning and assisting with these events.

Several events are already scheduled and being planned for this year, and we look forward to your participation in these. Additional help would be very welcome, particularly with the organisation and manning of events.

Valerie and Ian Galbraith
Simon’s Lee
01798 839 006